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to create the global aircraft bearing Timken Chengdu start
  发布者:admin 发布时间:2011-8-3 阅读:11077

April 19, Timken to invest in China Construction of the first aviation products - Timken (Chengdu) and Precision Air Products Co., Ltd. officially opened, and entered the commissioning stage. The first phase of investment companies amounted to around 100 million yuan, is the world''''''''''''''''s largest manufacturers of air bearings - one of Timken in China''''''''''''''''s fifth plant. Municipal CPC Committee, deputy secretary of the Mayor Ge Honglin, the Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee, Work Committee and secretary of the party''''''''''''''''s high-tech zones King recently, Deputy Mayor Bai Gang attended the celebration ceremony.

19, wearing a blue cap health, wearing a white jacket, Jiaotaoxietao, but also wearing a huge white transparent glasses, were not allowed to enter the Timken assembly plant. Why should fully armed » "Here, the air cleanliness of the hospital even higher than 10 times." Factory workers, air bearings on the production of clean air requirements of a high level, per thousand cubic feet in the 0.5-micron particles is not above the more than 10,000. The reporter saw in the grinding machine region, produced the smallest bearing only 5.08 mm diameter, or 1/30th of human hair.

"From the products produced here with us in Europe, U.S. factory production in exactly the same as the product is 100% of the same global standards, world-class level." Timken president-Manning confidently say that, Timken Bearing production has been in the aviation field, 80-year history, the company is involved in small aircraft to large aircraft, helicopters to space vehicles. "At present the Chengdu plant products mainly used for small turbine bearings, the bearings can be used for helicopter equipment, there are some products have been China''''''''''''''''s civil aircraft ARJ21 use."

Executives use a lot of local talent

It is learnt that the Timken plant in Chengdu will be the first batch of 200 personnel plan, "the first West Point on the cloth Chengdu, in addition to market factors, but also because of Chengdu as an important base for China''''''''''''''''s aviation industry, aviation parts and components manufacturers, key technology research and development Reserve personnel in areas such as very rich. "Yesterday, Timken president and CEO James Griffith said in an interview.

James Griffith disclosed that the Chengdu plant''''''''''''''''s senior management array, in addition to the United States, France, Singapore marketing management layer, the use of a large number of local talents. "For example, our senior managers is that the locals, the overwhelming majority of 120 staff from Chengdu, they will be involved in project management, engineering operations, technology research and development, program design, and other areas." He said, Timken investment in Chengdu, Is not only built a factory, but rather to the field of international aviation machinery personnel training as the key point, "we are considering in some schools set up special scholarships for the local aviation field of mechanical work harder."

China''''''''''''''''s first product to meet local re-export

"At present, Chengdu factory is still in the commissioning of the equipment, pilot production stage, but also impossible to estimate the capacity for the first batch of products." James Griffith said that the Chengdu plant to produce the products will be applied to China''''''''''''''''s civil aviation industry , Applied to the aviation system in a variety of products, including the gearbox, power and other ancillary products. "Timken plant in Chengdu is designed to meet the domestic demand of the civil aviation industry, and then will be mainly for export markets." It is learnt that Timken has been with some of the local aviation enterprises in the area of the negotiations, and reached a preliminary Cooperation framework.

This reporter has learned that more than 90 percent of the world''''''''''''''''s civilian aircraft landing gear from Timken bearings are provided, while domestic ARJ21 aircraft, Xinzhou 60 aircraft will have the Timken technology and accessories participation.
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