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Copper-based oil bearing PM optimistic about market
  发布者:admin 发布时间:2011-8-3 阅读:12080

In recent years, China''s automobile industry has maintained rapid development. According to the China Automotive Industry Association statistics, the first half of 2007, China''s total automobile production and sales were 4456700 and 4373800, an increase of 22.36 percent and 23.3 percent. China has become the world''s second largest car consumer, the third largest car producer, the largest potential auto market. With the vigorous development of China''s auto industry, driven by the rapid development of parts and components market. In 2006, China''s auto parts business sales revenue amounted to 403.5 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2010 domestic output value of China''s auto parts will reach about 700 billion yuan.

      At the same time, powder metallurgy industry in China due to the lack of large quantities of parts and demand for higher added value, not an opportunity for powder metallurgy industry to play its unique advantage of providing a good opportunity. Therefore, in the mid-1990s, automobile and motorcycle industry for the PM parts on the quality of computing in 10 years almost doubled. And for a lower value-added agricultural machinery industry PM parts almost reduced by half. Clearly, high value-added PM parts to the automotive industry is gradually transfer. According to China General Machinery Association powder metallurgy components Branch report, in 2006 the Chinese PM parts and products production increased by 15 percent to about 86000 t. Statistics of the copper-based products include iron powder metallurgy parts, oil bearing and friction materials. PM parts of the automobile market consumption is about 32000 t, accounting for 37 percent, an increase of 28%; power tools market grew 29 percent.

      China''s future auto parts powder metallurgy products off the market potential blow-out growth. According to information available, powder metallurgy products developed automotive industry consumption of powder metallurgy products accounted for the vast majority of the total output, such as the European 80%, while China is still less than 40 percent. The European average per vehicle of the use of powder metallurgy products is 14 kg, Japan is 16 kg, the United States has reached 19.5 kg over the next few years is expected to reach 22 kg, while China''s average per vehicle powder metallurgy products, the amount was only around 5 kg. If an annual output of 5 million cars, auto parts in China with annual steel powder about 25,000 t about China''s per vehicle if the amount of powder metallurgy products to the European level, coupled with tenure of automotive replacement parts powder metallurgy, This alone would require the iron and steel powder nearly 100,000 t, the PM is 1.25 times the total demand.
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