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Bearing obvious advantages
  发布者:admin 发布时间:2011-8-3 阅读:13489

Days with investment analysts pointed out that the ending of the shares through a series of acquisitions, has achieved a bearing to the railway from General Bearing, wind bearings, bearings and other large mill precision CNC machine tools and bearings of the industrial layout. In particular, is re-replenishment for the company''s performance has brought new growth point, the bigger and stronger in the bearing industry at the same time, machine tool industry is expected to fully share the feast. Maintain "overweight" rating.

     China bearings, machine tool industry are in a boom cycle. At present, China Bearing sound development of the industry, according to sales revenue and output statistics, ranks third in the world; machine tool industry also is in a period of rapid development, particularly in large heavy CNC machine tools has entered the development fast track. At the national policy on the manufacturing industry with the strong support of the company to ensure long-term development.

     Company''s main products have obvious advantages. In short cylindrical roller bearings and rail vehicles bearing two areas, with strong technical strength, advanced management level, the market share in recent years has been in the first trades. At the same time, companies are raising funds into high-end products bearing. Among them, bearing wind power projects to benefit from the booming wind power industry development, will become the company''s future growth performance of the largest Aspect at the same time, companies with low-cost extension of capacity expansion, the acquisition of the Guiyang Hong Beijing-bearing plants and bearing new era Ltd., is expected to aviation, industry, metallurgy and other large bearing area of another success.

     The company re-equity ratio of holders of 71.32 percent, the absolute majority shareholder status. Through the acquisition of heavy-NC, the company expanded to the main industry of NC machine tools, industrial bearings with the upstream and downstream heavy machine tool industry chain, can be complementary: on the one hand, horses can be re-finance the development and management On the support the other hand, re-to long-term development for the ending of the provision of equipment protection. At present, heavy machine tool market demand, development prospects are bright.
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