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About us

   Anyang Hua-An Universal Spindle Technology Ltd (Shorten as Hua-An Universal Ltd) is an established high tech company specialising in the research, develop and manufacture of Electric and Mechanical Spindles.
   Our range of products encompasses over 300 different spindles within electric and mechanical range, with more being developed and produced.
  Our company utilises state of the art mechanical processing and manufacturing equipments, and we have a very strong team of experienced technicians and engineers. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our products by incorporating the newest cutting edge technologies, materials and procedure giving rise to components which are future-proof.
Our Electric Spindles have the following advantages:
★High efficiency.
★Incorporate precision steel-ball bearing and precision ceramic-ball bearing from Japan, Germany and France. 
★Hard wearing components, precise, reliable, and a very long working life.
★low noise, minimal vibrations, and smooth operations.
★Automatically exchange the reamer in a fast and accurate way
★Our top of the range products adopt magnetic suspended bearing and AC Magnet Synchronous Motors.
Our Mechanical Spindles have the advantages below:
◆ High speed, high precision, and high efficiency.
◆ Simple and compact configuration, easy to take apart
◆ High torsional moment, low noise, and smooth operation;
◆Our top of the range products adopt Hydrodynamic and Hydrostatic Pressure Hybrid Journal Bearings.
   Our aim is to provide top quality components along with great value to our customers.

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